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Employer Staff Contracts

To manage a professional enterprise or have guarantees for your finances, it is essential to have staff contracts to dictate agreements such as salary, an employee's responsibility functions, and more. Each employee must have at least one form of contract in place because they work in their position in a company.

What is Employer Staff Contract ?

An employer-employee contract functions as a continuous record between an employer and its employees. A contract sets out many terms for employees, including the duration of their employment, rights at work, duties, and responsibilities. 

 Employees and employers must respect the contract until it expires. Employment contracts generally last until an employee is terminated or until the terms are changed. Employment contracts can be reviewed every year to expand their functions or access a raise. 

 Employment contracts are generally issued through a written contract with a declaration of employment and a verbal agreement between the employer and the employee based on the conditions contained in the contract.

Why is it needed ?

Although an employment contract is often implicit for many businesses, having a general condition or means of employment can be very important in federal court and tax purposes. When staffing new positions, hiring professionals and recognizing the value of an employee's work, these types of contracts can be indispensable. A contract of employment with the employer can be considered from the point of view of government taxes. 

 An excellent example of such a contract would be one of its IT professionals who is paid significantly more than other employees. Without an employment contract, the additional experience they have or the additional duties our unregistered employees take on can be a potential cause for audit. Suppose a contract with an employee is not available. In that case, this could lead to additional taxes that may have to be paid by the company or an employee who is constantly under investigation for misrepresenting their earnings.

We can help you with putting together an Employer Staff Contract

As a group of tax and employment law experts, we can help you establish an employment contract with the employer. We want to make sure that you can record all relevant information within the scope of your business. Contact our workforce experts today, and we can work to manage your employer staff contracts now.

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