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Self Assessment Tax Returns

A self-assessment tax return is a tax form that must be completed by every UK resident to correctly calculate the tax all have incurred on the refunds granted to them each year. Many UK residents rely on accountants or tax preparation professionals to complete their tax returns each year. However, there are still many who have preferred to certify their tax returns themselves.

What is Self Assessment tax return?

The self-assessment tax return is the system used by the UK Revenue and Customs Agency to collect information from UK residents for income tax purposes. As taxes are automatically deducted from savings, pensions, and wages, UK residents will be required to declare any other form of income in a given tax year. They must complete these assessment declarations by April 5. They can often be a complex form for the average UK resident or worker living in the UK to navigate when completing the declaration.

What are the deadlines of submission?

UK residents must submit their tax returns by the April 5 deadline each year. However, there are several ways to access extra time. If you haven't, you can request an extension of up to 20 business days to have the ability to submit a statement online last year if you are self-employed, registering in a partnership, or you have never submitted a return before. These extensions are usually granted if you fall into one of these categories. Access to an extension is not always easy if you do not belong to these categories. Working with a qualified tax preparer can often be much easier if you feel you cannot meet the deadline.

We can help submitting tax return to HMRC

If you are unsure how to file your return or want to ensure that you get the best possible return on your request, please get in touch with our staff today.

We are qualified tax professionals and can help you file a tax return with HMRC. We want to ensure you have access to competent tax advice and genuine assistance with your self-assessment tax returns. The process of completing one of these self-assessment tax returns is not always easy if you are visiting the UK or have never met one of the forms before; we want to make sure that you can get the help you need from qualified tax professionals today. Contact us, and we can help you file your tax return with HMRC.

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