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If you are a non-resident alien in the United States, it can be often difficult to know whether or not you are responsible for paying taxes and the types of taxes that you could be subject to paying. Whether you have temporary citizenship, a visa or a green card, it's important to know if you can legally work in the United States and what type of taxes you could be subject by earning an income during your time in the USA. In this article, we will explore what non-resident aliens are and what these individuals may need to consider for their tax solutions.

Who are non-resident aliens?

A nonresident alien is someone who is not a US citizen. Usually it is an individual that has passed the green card test as well as the substantial presence test for the calendar year. This is a person that has a green card in the eligibility to work in the United States and they have stayed in the United States for a number of days specified within the year to make their earnings subject to taxation.

What are implications on being a non-resident alien with regards to investments and income?

If you are earning an income in the United States over a certain exemption amount, you will be required to file a tax return. If you're engaged in a business or trade in the United States you can also have taxable earnings. If there's no known tax liability satisfied with a withholding of the tax of the source, you will be directly responsible for paying taxes on those earnings over time. A variety of forms may need to be filed depending on the type of position that you are in for employment. If you're a teacher, training or student you could be required to complete a different form with the IRS under your visa in order to qualify for and exempt status on any earnings or bursaries that you acquired in the United States.

We help with assisting non-resident aliens with their taxes

Understanding the requirements for filing taxes as a nonresident alien can often be a difficult process. Going through your taxes with the help of a professional can make sure that you have access to any of the help you may require to make quality choices with regards to lowering the tax you pay each year. If you are unsure on the type of taxes you could be subject to as a nonresident alien, contact our tax assistance services today. We can make sure that you get access to the assistance you may need to complete your taxes this year.

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