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UK and US Tax Services

EDA Professional Services is a Glasgow based accountancy firm. We help prepare your accounts and self-assessment tax returns. In addition, we can assist you with any tax planning advice you may require. We can assist you no matter where you live in the UK, we have clients in the North of Scotland all the way to London. We also assist US Citizens and Green Card holders who are based in the UK (and other countries) with their US Tax return preparation and provide them with general US tax advice.

An American citizen (or Green Card holder) who is living outside the USA may still be required to file US Federal Tax Returns because the US taxes based on citizenship. We can also assist non-residents and non-domiciled individuals with UK tax issues that they may have. Issues such as reporting the sale of their UK property when living outside the UK. If you are living outside the UK and you are about to sell your home (that's in the UK) you need to report this to HMRC.

Our Tax Services

Whether it is setting up your own company, Inheritance Tax or Capital Gains Tax planning, or US tax advice, we can provide the following services:

Happy Clients

Jodi Middleton

Being my first time doing this I had a lot of questions. I am located in the Sates and so Erik was able to find time to Skype me with slots that work with my schedule meant that the distance and lack of in person meeting was never an issue. If anyone has any similar needs I am going to be recommending they contact EDA. Top stuff.

Lois Mendelsohn

I've worked as a partner to EDA professional services for a few months now, and I find the value and care provided to clients is excellent. Americans in the UK, Brits in the US, as well as other nationalities requiring services such as Statutory Residency Tests, all get a great value and the help they need from this professional, caring and knowledgeable team.

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If you require any advice on your current tax status, regardless of whether or not you live in the UK, please get in touch and one of our highly experienced members of staff would be delighted to assist you.

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